About Salvatore

My commitment to a spiritual life started 28 years ago. I was mediumistic since I was a baby. I saw spirit and gave messages to adults since I was a kid. After a daytime vision that I shared with my friends at 11 years old, I shut my connection off and denounced my gift for fear of continued criticism and ridicule. However, years later in my 20's, spirit decided it was time for a wake up call and I had a visitation from Jesus. It was startling in the middle of the night as well as comforting. I felt that Jesus had been my best friend, which made no sense at the time as I knew nothing about soul memories or past lives. As I committed to and experimented with multiple healing modalities I began remembering multiple timelines and my roles in them. These memories have picked up intensity as multiple dimensional lives have flooded to my consciousness. Jesus as well as numerous Ascended Masters have continued to guide me, give me written messages and perform healings on me to align and awaken dormant and damaged DNA. When I say damaged, I mean memories of pain, suffering, loss, brutal punishment and death that have served to hold me back in fear of being the my fullest, brightest and creative self. It has been an amazing journey that has had me experience emotions at deep levels that my personality would rather have skipped over.

My career doing readings, teaching classes, doing bodywork, speaking to audiences has changed drastically the last 10 years as I moved through the financial crash period experiencing too many endings to recant here. Suffice to say, my personality through all the endings seemed to get stuck in my New Jersey, Sopranos, Italian mode that had me kicking and screaming most of the time. Feel free to laugh with me as I am quite funny to watch. Back to career changes. So, after praying for years during the financially nebulous times, to use all my talents, I have been guided to combine Designing remodels for people while channeling loved ones from their family who have passed. It is the most intense reality TV experience for me and my clients. Healing happens during and after renovations. I never saw this level of creativity or healing coming.

My life has been surreal at times as I do not feel I planned any of it. I believe wholehearted, that I have been guided from one event to another, one job to another and moved when spirit prodded me, even though I was kicking and screaming.

There is much more to do and be and I am grateful to express these concepts and truths openly. It truly is our time to shine and share.