FAQ and additional Resources
What to expect?
You can expect you desires will be listened to, you renovation will match your needs, honest advice and suggestions especially if Salvatore feels you may be taking a wrong turn. You can expect attention to detail. You can expect to be told to “sleep on a decision” so you can get your absolute yes during each step of the design/purchasing process.

How to prepare:
Creating your dream space is a big endeavor that you need to take seriously as well as release/let go of any preconceived notions or stern ideas. As for the spiritual aspect you only need to be open and willing to receive the best message that will help you and your family start the next phase of your lives and possibly heal any areas of life that come up in the message.

How is it done?
Mediumship, channeled messages, inspiration from God, the still small voice, all of these words and phrases describe the experience that Salvatore brings to his work. Years as a minister, practicing meditation, writing countless messages from Ascended Masters like Jesus, Archangels like St. Germain, Michael, famous people like Robin Williams, Nelson Mandela, and regular folk like your spouse or grandmother, creates an atmosphere that can be tangibly felt and actually blessed by those on the other side. Salvatore remains open as much as possible through the many focused decisions and planning that is also part of your design. When spirit prods him, he shares the message if it is short, spontaneously. If the message appears to be longer, requiring time to write it down, he will take private time to listen to it entirely and share it with you and your family when the time is appropriate.

What is the process used to get the message?
It is very simple and not very mystical at all. When preparing to write a message, Salvatore will ask the family member who is getting his attention to come and share any wisdom, advice or comments they would like to share. He then listens intensely to every word and writes it for you and your family.

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